NExAR’s objective is the development of sustainable relationships between the Dutch and Arab Design communities by joining forces through the sharing of resources, knowledge and networks. Creating multidisciplinary relationships that inspire entrepreneurial enterprise and are mutually beneficial.

We believe the world is changing towards a network of local initiatives and people. Innovative technologies help us to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations all over the world. We can share our ideas, skills and questions through the Internet and expand our knowledge with the experiences of people a thousand miles away.
Through this process of sharing knowledge and experiences, we become reflective on our own position in this worldwide network and our own perspective on local and global society. This can enrich the work we do, the lives we live and the impact we create through our actions. Together we know more, together we have more skills, together we have more dreams, and thus together we can achieve more.
As design is a very creative and open-minded discipline, we believe design is the way to build a bridge between countries, cultures and societies. It can be a first step to trigger people and organisations to work across cultures and to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences.
Thus NExAR shares knowledge & experience about design. NExAR shares perspectives on the position and added value of design for the cultures we live in. NExAR creates a network of like-minded designers. NExAR initiaties multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural projects together. NExAR Builds bridges to learn from each other!
Whereas we strive for a sustainable bridge between the Netherlands and the Arab world in the field of design, we assume that the process of building this bridge takes a while. We therefore propose a process that starts with inspiration and sharing knowledge and experiences. This will create a bond of trust between individuals and organisations and may in turn lead to the initiation of a cooperative design project. Because we put so much focus on learning from each other, we strive for a strong connection with universities and other learning institutions.

Founder of NExAR is Dennis Meulenbroeks