Maja Kozel
About Maja Design
Maja Design is a Spatial Design Studio based in the UAE.
With strong design roots and a global perspective Maja Design offers creativity, innovation and cutting edge solutions. With a passion for the integration of design and function, Maja Design specializes in creating a vision and translating it into distinct designs.

About our Spatial Design
We focus is on the urban environment of both small and large-scale indoor and outdoor spaces. We believe in merging cultural and artistic awareness, social involvement and environmental responsibility as well as technical insights. The type of our projects may vary from the design of commercial office interiors to Music studios and Cinemas. Anything is possible.

About founder Maja Kozel
Dutch designer Maja Kozel is the Founder and Spatial designer of Maja Design. She graduated in spatial design from the prestigious Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Since then she worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, before moving to Dubai in 2008.