Judy Straten Art-Design

In 2003 Judy Straten founded her Netherlands-based gallery and consultancy in art & design to present limited editions, one-offs and collectables from emerging designers and artists within the creative disciplines of art, design and fashion. Judy Straten has gained her know-how in art & design by giving annual presentations during established international art/design fairs and projects where the Dutch concept approach is combined with Dutch creative thinking.

But our society is changing quickly. Changes are happening by internet, digitization, increasing mobility, sustainability and a growing awareness which are creating new connections. This transition brings new developments particularly manifesting in the area of culture, art, economics and technique.

Imbued with this new movement Judy Straten decided in 2015 that it’s time to anticipate in full action. To create a new space within the spirit of innovative and creative thinking she said good bye to the fully developed concept of a “gallery”.
Consulting Connecting Realising (CCR) are in this the leading thoughts. Consulting: Giving advice and initiate new ideas based on her international experience and knowledge of the most recent developments in the area of creative industry in the broadest sense of the word with focus on art and design. Connecting: Both in form as thinking new impulses will be given to initiatives, experiments or projects which are designed for new connections and the content of the creative mind in a good cohesion within the society. Finding connection of creative disciplines with different fields. Realising: Acting from the principle that a change never has been established without guts, experiment and an effective approach. Without these tests or practical’s results were never been achieved as a feasible perspective on the horizon.
CCR gives interpretation and meaning to a new movement what’s happening in the world at this moment. From an early or rough concept you can give meaning to something, with only the experience of “now” to make a step to the future.