26 – 31 October 2015
Creating a point of time that encourages the growth of the design industry in Dubai, Dubai Design Week not only established the city as the regional capital for design, but also as a global meeting point for the international design community. Design-dedicated events, activities and projects within d3 and across the city helped to celebrate the best in design both regionally and internationally.

During Dubai Design Week as part of the DCI presentation:

Robotic Painting
The robotic painting project titled “Machining Emotion” establishes a mutual relationship between human emotions and robotic machines. The robotic painting process is based on a series of consecutive steps, initiated by fast and intuitive 3d sketches executed by the artists using a 3d digitizer and the leap motion controller. From these initial sketches – the “powerlines” – essential data like speed, angular movements and emotive pressure are used to feed the code with variables. Within this process some algorithms are mapping fractal self-similarity on the initial emotive curve, and eventually the 3d assembly is projected on a flat surface. Last step is to instruct the robot as to machine the emotive content with high precision. The human to robot interplay augments the art of abstract calligraphy with a cross-fertilization of intuitive gestures with logical rationale. The Machining Emotion #01 robotic painting is one out of a series of 4 large robotic circular paintings, executed during Dubai Design Week 2015.

Project team:
Ilona Lénárd, Visual artist
Kas Oosterhuis, Architect
Serban Bodea, Programmer-designer
Ana Maria Anton, Programmer-designer